Lisa Rosenberg
Lisa Rosenberg
At the nexus of science & art

thistles, fossils, and spacecraft:

explore A Different Physics


Published spring 2018 by Red Mountain Press


With sensitivity, grace, and artistic deftness, the poems in Lisa Rosenberg’s A Different Physics ache with the understanding that our modes of knowing the world—theoretical, mathematical, lingual—open as much distance as insight.


“Rosenberg’s poems meet at the crux of so many of our contemporary concerns.”

— Irena Praitis, 2017 Red Mountain Poetry Prize judge

…Wandering through the corridors and paths of these poems, we learn how to make a present out of the remnants of torn up pasts, the pieces carefully gathered and re-sewn; we discover how the freedom of flight is encumbered by the constraints of secrecy, familial obligations, and fears of failing. Rosenberg’s poems meet at the crux of so many of our contemporary concerns: How do we maintain wonder for the elemental when so intent on molding it for our purposes? How do we keep faith in ourselves in the face of our own failures? By uncovering a haunting sense of fragility and impermanence in something as steadfastly stony as the fossil record, Rosenberg both records and celebrates the ways we know and open frames that have the potential to become joyous “through every season, and in every light.” — Irena Praitis, 2017 Red Mountain Poetry Prize Judge


“Lisa Rosenberg’s poetry challenges the myth that the arts and sciences don’t mix.”

— March 29, 2018 State Lines, San Francisco Chronicle

“The rigor necessary for the scientific understanding can complement and expand the wonder that accompanies people of faith, or can stand on its own as it bestows pleasure and knowledge. A different physics indeed.”

— Sept. 17, 2018 The Rumpus

“Red Mountain Press awards an annual prize of $1000 and publication of a full length poetry book. This year the Poetry Prize went to Lisa Rosenberg for A DIFFERENT PHYSICS.”

— October 1, 2017 Red Mountain Press

“Scientist poet” Lisa Rosenberg is named Poet Laureate of San Mateo County.

November 11, 2016 InMenlo


 POET Laureate, Outreach, CONSULTING

As Poet Laureate Emerita of a diverse Bay Area county, Lisa advocates for poetry across a wide range of organizations. She speaks, consults, and instructs, bringing tools of science and art to endeavors in industry, community work, and education.

Lisa’s term as laureate included work in school, library, prison, business, and civic settings. She created and hosted numerous events during her 2017-2018 tenure, providing public venues for new and experienced writers alike to develop and present their voices. Her community project, Spoken Art, was a county-wide ekphrastic challenge that showcased local artwork in several media, and received hundreds of original poems from writers of all ages.

Lisa gives readings and craft talks, and speaks within and outside of literary forums, bringing multidisciplinary tools to conversations on issues of local and global concern. Tailored consulting engagements address challenges in technology and enterprise. Contact Lisa for engagements.


 Journals and anthologies

Lisa’s poetry appears in The Threepenny Review, POETRY, Witness, Poetry Daily, The American Journal of Poetry, Southwest Review, The POETRY Anthology: 1912-2002, and elsewhere. She has a craft essay forthcoming in The WAVES Anthology, on the unfolding of her work in poetry within the literal and figurative confines of the aerospace industry. Earlier prose publications include technology features and research.